Benefits of VOIP

VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol is a technique to make calls through the internet and to transfer the voice to any internet user and land-line phone also. Now before starting to use VoIP, it is important to choose the best VoIP service provider. The VoIP service providing companies have various plans, at various costs and quality variations. Even the conventional phone can be used if you do not want to use VoIP phone but want to avail the VoIP services.

VoIP has become popular mainly due to international calls at a cheap rate compared to other calling techniques. A fast speed internet connection is mandatory for using VoIP. There are numerous advanced features of VoIP phones available in the market from various companies like Panasonic, Philips, etc.VoIP uses packet switching technique that is the voice is divided into small packets.  These packets pass through the routers and reach the receiver. Then they are rearranged to generate the meaningful voice. VoIP is also known for international calls at a very low rate. But there are a few disadvantages too; being the security issue. As it is an online technique so it is vulnerable to problems like virus attacks, crashes and stolen packets. Another problem that comes to our mind is power. Since most systems are based on power; if power goes off no calls can be made.

Since the call rate is low; it is advantageous for the small business to start with. Moreover the call costs are gets reduced rapidly. For BPO companies or call centers it is a great idea to have VoIP and where long distance calls are must.

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