Does Reciprocal Link Building Still Work?

What is Reciprocal Link Building ?

Reciprocal Link Building (aka Link Exchange) is a process where you request a webmasters of a different site to place your site’s link information to their own site(s), in return you also put their site’s information to you site(s). The purpose of this method in the old days was to gain traffic but also to increase your links. This method is now considered outdated and does not work.

In the old days (in the 2000’s), many sites hosted a link exchange page for this purpose. It did wonders in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. However, Google soon decided to penalize these types of links and even many sites got major penalization. Webmasters had to contact to Google to request re-inclusion after cleanup.

What is Three-Way Link Building ?

Three-way link building is a process where your site will get a link from site A, but instead of your site linking back, you give site A and link back from site B, which you also own. This is also an outdated method. It was considered more helpful because your site doesn’t link to those sites but many sites link to your site.

What are some Link Building Methods that Still Work?

Google considers any artificial link building to be spam, but this doesn’t necessary mean they don’t work. Guest article postings are one of the most popular ways these days and if done right it may not be detected by Google. 

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